Lexington UMC Habitat Build

Sharron Edwards and Family

Kakule, Felicita & Family

Sharron Edwards works full time as a preschool teacher at Hallis Daycare School, and has worked there for nearly 17 years. When she's not working, she is the caregiver for her grandsons Shamar (15) and Layden (4). This year, Sharron hopes to purchase a home in partnership with Lexington Habitat for Humanity and provide Shamar and Layden with a decent place to live. For her grandsons, it means they will each be able to have their own rooms.

Sharron wants to be able to leave a legacy for her children and grandchildren. She hopes to give them every advantage she can.

Sharron is grateful for the sponsors and volunteers with whom she will work. She appreciates that they believe in her, and what she's trying to do for her family. She also wants to make sure that her grandsons will understand that gratitude. She says she'll first thank God, and then tell the boys to "go to your room and kiss every wall!"

Build Address:1725 Millbank Road, Lexington KY
Sponsors: United Methodist Churches in partnership with UPS and PNC.